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Jan Hendrik Mensen September 19, 2011 Tips & Tricks

The more information is provided in a support request, the faster we can respond. Especially when reporting questions or bugs related to Openbravo or other applications we recommend the use of the following tools:

  • Jing: Jing allows you to create snapshots of (part of) your screen. Subsequently you can edit the picture, highlight fields, add text to support your case. Using Jing you can also create short movies to make it even more clear what you are trying to do.Jing can be downloaded for free from the Jing website., but for little less than 15 USD per year you can get a supported version with additional functionality. 
  • Screencast: using screencast you can publish images, videos and documents to a secure website. Screencast is an integrated part of Jing. This way you can capture a snapshot or video of your screen and publish it directly from Jing to your Screencast account. A copy of the hyperlink is available for pasting in your support request. Our support agents can quickly get access to your screenshot by pressing the hyperlink. Create a free screencast account here and add it to Jing.
  • Skype: Sometimes words are not enough or urgency calls for a live chat. In these cases we recommend the use of Skype. Through Skype we can talk and share our screen to clarify a point. Skype does require the use of a headphone and microphone connected to your PC or Mac. Skype can be downloaded from the Skype website. Please note that Skype support depends on urgency of the request and the support level in your SLA.
  • TeamViewer: In addition to Skype we can use TeamViewer to give you additional support. With TeamViewer our support agents can remotely look at your screen and -if needed- take control of your PC or Mac. TeamViewer files are attached to this article. One file is for letting our support team access your workstation (QuickSupport). The other file is for joining an on-line presentation (QuickJoin). Please note that TeamViewer support depends on urgency of the request and the support level in your SLA.